Privacy Policy

Startup Radar in accordance to the Information Network Promotion Law revised in February, 2000 and legislated to prevent the misuse and abuse of personal information on the Internet, Startup Radar discloses its privacy policy regarding the use, processing, and protection of the personal information collected from its members as the following.

1) Purpose of Startup Radar Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect information solely for the purpose of providing more information our readers and facilitating our communication with them. We do not collect or use personal information for any other purposes.

The purpose of collecting personal information from our members is to provide the best service possible to them through our Startup Radar site. We offer various contents to our readers free of charge. The personal information provided to us by the members makes it possible for us to deliver, based on it, more useful information selectively.

When the range, purpose, and use of the information collected by us change, we will make sure to notify our members and ask for their consent beforehand.

We collect information solely for the purpose of providing services to our readers and facilitating our communication with them. We do not collect or use personal information for any other purposes.

2) Range of Personal Information Collected by Startup Radar

Startup Radar asks its readers, when they first sign up for any newsletters, to provide only the most basic personal information minimally required for its service delivery. This includes their name, date of birth, and email. In addition, to ascertain the veracity of the actual identity, we ask for their resident registration number. (Foreigners and Korean descendants of other citizenships who are not issued resident registration number are exempted from this requirement.)

Startup Radar may also ask for personal information for its prize contests or other such promotional events. Please be assured that the information provided to us on such occasions will not be used for any other purposes, except for the provision of the corresponding services or the purposes specified to you beforehand.

3) Startup Radar’s Maintenance and Disuse of Personal Information

Startup Radar will continue to maintain and manage its readers’ personal information as long as they continue to receive its services and retain their newletter. However, when a member cancels his or her newsletter by following the required procedure for de-registration (found under the “change/cancel personal information” menu), or when the specific purpose of information collection notified to our members beforehand is met, all personal information collected by us will be permanently deleted from our database, ensuring that the opening or use of such information for any purposes is no longer possible.

To facilitate the members’ use of Startup Radar and its partner sites, with the consent of its members, Startup Radar may share its membership information with its partner sites, and for the purpose of this sharing, it may send cookies to its members’ computers.

4) Range of Startup Radar’s Cookie Use

When our members visit our site and their web browsers ask for cookies, Startup Radar restricts its use of cookies only to the information that has no potential to invade their privacy, such as browser version, monitor information, operating system version, and information related to log-in.

5) Security Management for the Protection of Personal information

As a safe-guard measure to prevent the unauthorized dissemination of our members’ personal information by hacking or any other such activities, we are presently employing the services of a professional security consulting firm to prevent unauthorized access and hacking from outside sources. For internal security, we restrict the number of our employees with access to the members’ personal information to a minimum, and with our continuous training of these employees we underscore our commitment to the full adherence to our Privacy Policy.

6) Personal Information of Minors under 14 Years of Age

Startup Radar does not share information on its minor users under 14 years of age with any third parties. To protect the personal information of these minors, we ask them only for the minimum information required for our service operation. With the consent of a legal representative, however, we may ask for additional information from them.

7) Responsibility for Security Breach during On-Line Data Transfer

Members are responsible for the security of the passwords for their membership accounts. Startup Radar NEVER asks its members for their passwords, either through mail or any other method. Under no circumstances should you ever disclose your password. We ask that you pay particular attention when you are logged in, in order to ensure that your personal information is not divulged to others.

If you have any concerns or suggestions about our Privacy Policy and management of your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives listed below through email or phone, and we will respond to you as expeditiously as possible.

SEO HAE COO at Startup Radar

Phone: 010-5398-9772Email: [email protected]